Tharr – Soar

Soar is the designated title of Tharr's sophomore project following up the wonderful 2014 debut EP galdri. It's a 40 minute somber journey through contemplative, meandering soundscapes.

There's 30 cassettes – sporting a beautiful artwork designed by Petrikov – available for purchase on Bandcamp. You'll only have to pay the raw production cost and can leave a small tip on top of that for whatever the creative work is worth to you. If you want to save the shipping by picking up an order from me directly, just drop me a mail.


It's half past six in the Old Word, December 3rd '19 – I'm beyond excited to announce the birth of the Ossen imprint!
Its main function is to operate as a nexus for continuously releasing experimental/abstract art in various digital and physical forms. I'll proceed loading the pipelines, don't sleep!

Tharr – Soar